Capital Sense Portfolio

Capital Sense Limited (CSL), an International Business Company, Seychelles registration No. 68186, was set-up as an investment vehicle for Robert Russell’s (RR) interests on 18 November 2009.

Capital Sense regularly analyses key market movements and proactivelytakes them into account in its investment strategy. Areas of focus includemonitoring emerging markets, pursuing the diversification andinternationalisation of the portfolio, and investing in promisingdevelopment projects.

Unlisted Investments

Reserved Suites (Pty) Ltd. (RS) is a hotel operator, that rents the hotel space from the investor – IC and carries out the function of running an hotel operation.

Jevic Property Holdings (Pty) Ltd

(Jevic) is a R400m, 304-unit development in 38 blocks of 8 units each in Broadacres, Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa. Currently the first 40 units are about to be transferred this month and thereafter in batches of 24 units every 3 months. Jevic has entered into agreements with SC for the development and management of Jevic’s operations.

Nogamed International Ltd

(Nogamed) entered into a co-development agreement with Johannesburg 4 Properties (Pty) Ltd. (JHB 4) where Nogamed contributed land that it owned in return of 58.4% of JHB 4. The development by JHB 4 is a 17 floor mixed use building in the heart of Illovo, Johannesburg. When complete, in the second half of 2020, it will be worth about R800m, the majority of which has already been sold. Nogamed has entered into agreements with SC for the development and management of Nogamed’s operations.

Interbond Limited

Interbond Limited is currently involved in setting up operations in the international capital and fund-raising field as both consultant and marketer of investments in various business operations of either a mining or property development nature. Currently it has very few activities and does not operate profitably.