Capital Sense's team extensive relationships and networks across the property and real estate industry in South Africa is leveraged to source attractive projects pipeline


  • Location, location, location - Projects are thoroughly assessed and screened for financial bankability, social and environmental impact
  • Gauging legal and regulatory requirements

Due Diligence

  • Project design - being carried out in-house, only professional services amongst other; architectural work are outsourced
  • Supply and demand analysis
  • Costing and pricing (quantity surveyor)
  • Development of a robust financial model
  • Define exit strategy (build to rent versus build to sell vs a hybrid strategy)


  • Construction is carried out in-house by Capital Sense construction company, Daniels & Simpson
  • Project management - usually outsourced to avoid conflicts of interest
  • Full interior design/fit out


  • Develop tolease - Our hospitality business will be
    responsible for managing and
  • Develop to sell- Sales will usually secure the services of a Realtor company to market and sell the development. Moreover, Capital Sense's hospitality business will also offer a lease arrangement to buyers/ investors with a guaranteed

It's not just about achieving short-term gains or immediate profitability, but about creating lasting value and sustainable growth for ourselves and our partners.

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